Learning, the act of gaining knowledge, is a craft unto itself. It starts with questions - the what ifs, how abouts, whys, . . . leading from the unknown to the known, through inquiry, experimentation, travel, and of course pure accident.

This is about how it happens in my life.

If Librarianship is a vocation, I feel called.

A Profession on my Profession
I believe every problem is an information problem
I believe that Librarians serve the needs of the information as much as the needs of the user
I believe that Librarianship holds safe a privileged and unique relationship between the human need to know an the human need to record knowledge.

I grew up in Revelstoke BC, a small town on the Trans Canada highway and the CPR line, in the middle of a bunch of mountains that run up and down the southern interior of the province.
It has always been a forestry, rail and ski town. Dozens of mills have come and gone, although one still does quite well.   It was an essential rail hub due to geography until about 30 years ago. International ski jump competitions were held on Mt Revelstoke at the turn of the last century, and it is home to one of the longest standing ski clubs in the world.
I liked it there.

at 7
I asked a lot of questions as a kid, most notably Why? followed by What's that? and then How does it work? and so on.  I came equipped with a naturally good memory too.  Happily I lived in a house that thrived on information:  news broadcasts, news papers, lots of non-fiction reading, trips to the library.

By osmosis and example I developed the habit paying attention to the what is going on in the world.  I loved Jack Webster.  My many questions were generally answered positively, if sometimes only by a command to go look it up in the encyclopedia.

I loved the encyclopedia too.

For those who care about MBTI, I seem to be most firmly an INTJ.  I've taken the inventory 3 separate times over a nearly 20 year span with the same end result each time.  I find this description of the type particularly interesting.

Other facets about me can be found on LinkedIn. Or on Facebook, if we're friends.

I try to employ at least one element of the Cult of Done Manifesto every day.

I travel with my watercolour kit and a book of some kind all the time. Even when fishing in a canoe. Maybe not when golfing though.
I like to play cards. 
I garden, do pottery, carve wood and stone.
I read about quantum computing and information behaviour and behavioural economics.
I ride my bike to get around.
Road trips are awesome

If life is a cliche, I like these ones:

I want to add more life to my years, not more years to my life
I work to live, not live to work