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An Online 'SafeHouse': is it possible?

At some point in my wanderings today I came across this item from the WSJ:   Wall Street Journal Launches 'SafeHouse' Submission Site 
My first thought was one of incredulity: has no other MSM outlet done this yet? It seems almost impossible that he answer is "No", not just in light of "Wikileaks" but just generally in the evolution of the role of "whistle blower" in the internet age. 

It sounds like a suggestion box on steroids; and in some ways it is amazing to me that there are folks in this day and age who might actively eschew their 15 minutes.  Mind you, fame can come in 2 flavours: famous, and infamous. 

For those friends, and friends of friends, practicing the Journalistic Arts: what do you think of this WSJ initiative? Might it be a proactive measure in fear of erosion of journalistic privilege and confidential sources? Or is it just window dressing?

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