Learning, the act of gaining knowledge, is a craft unto itself. It starts with questions - the what ifs, how abouts, whys, . . . leading from the unknown to the known, through inquiry, experimentation, travel, and of course pure accident.

This is about how it happens in my life.

It's what we do, not where we do it

Back in the day when I was pondering what to do with my very interdisciplinary yet very general BA in History, one option I seriously considered was Journalism. I really enjoyed the process of finding the story, when I had a chance to try my hand when writing for The Phoenix at Okanagan University College (now UBC Okangan).

This, of course, involved asking lots of questions, and not just in the sense of interviewing some one else. Rather, it was a question that would eventually give rise to the story, which in turn would involve asking more questions in the form of interviews.

There are a great many similarities between Librarianship and Journalism, including aspiring to such lofty goals ensuring an informed and educated citizenry, which is so fundamental to a well functioning democracy.

In other words, we're both all about content: 4 ways content management systems are evolving & why it matters to journalists | Poynter.
So much to learn, so many places to learn it!

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