Learning, the act of gaining knowledge, is a craft unto itself. It starts with questions - the what ifs, how abouts, whys, . . . leading from the unknown to the known, through inquiry, experimentation, travel, and of course pure accident.

This is about how it happens in my life.

Milestone, not Millstone

I have been given some lovely, funny, moving and treasured birthday cards over the years.  As much as I am definitely not a pack rat, my sentimental streak is wide and deep, and so I have a few small boxes stuffed with mementos.
With so many changes this year, and with more and bigger changes still to come, well, let's just say that as a cynic bordering on pessimist, I humbly say "my cup runneth over" with the goodness and grace of the people in my life.
Anyway, back to cards.  I have to share this one:

Some people turn 40 and start asking
"Where am I? How did I get here? And by the way, how do I get back?"
But not you.
You've got your bearings, and you're right where you should be-
at 40 and at your best, right smack dab between
experience and possibility,
and pefectly possitioned
for a great new decade of you.
I'm good with that. 
Thanks to D D A and J (and Hallmark)

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